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Recruitday Adds a Whole New Layer to its Referral System with New Mobile Scout App

Recruitday, creators of the referral and recruitment platform which taps popular social networking has launched the Recruitday mobile app to simplify the registration and referral process for the company’s “scouts.”

Scouts can be anyone who refers friends, relatives, colleagues or any of their contacts to Recruitday job openings. They may be doing this full-time or part-time; they may even be students, retirees or stay at home moms or dads. To become a scout, all one has to do is register with Recruitday either through the website or through the mobile app.

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When digital referrals increase quality hires

Since 2000, jobsites have come and gone, with only a few of the more popular brands remaining to reign, and an equally rare number attempting to disrupt the system to yield more high-quality hires.

RecruitDay is one of those breaking the mold by merging the real-time communication platform of social media and the traditional referral system where the most qualified candidates are referred by their ex-colleagues, friends and other associates who had known them for a long time.

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