When digital referrals increase quality hires

RecruitDay CEO and founder Joel Garcia

RecruitDay CEO and founder Joel Garcia

Since 2000, jobsites have come and gone, with only a few of the more popular brands remaining to reign, and an equally rare number attempting to disrupt the system to yield more high-quality hires.

RecruitDay is one of those breaking the mold by merging the real-time communication platform of social media and the traditional referral system where the most qualified candidates are referred by their ex-colleagues, friends and other associates who had known them for a long time.

The Manila-based firm, which is supported by venture capital Future Now Ventures, is leveraging on its human — and not software or AI — Scouts who actively look for candidates who fit the requirements of the jobs that companies have posted on the RecruitDay site. In a sense, the site is capitalizing on a casual trend that is already prevalent among Filipinos, who on average each have 600 followers on Facebook alone.

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