Salesforce was then; Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now. Why the founders of Barhead made the switch


John Orrock and Ken Struthers know CRM. They founded Cloud Sherpas, grew it to one of the largest and most successful Salesforce partners, then sold it. That was then. This is now. And now the two have founded Barhead, which builds CRM exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics 365. They say customers get better, more feature-rich solutions, and they have found their business is growing twice as fast as what they experienced the first time around.

John Orrock started building technology provider companies around Salesforce back in 2003 because, he recalls, he saw it as the Next Big Thing in CRM. He was right, and the company he founded with Ken Struthers—Cloud Sherpas—became one of the world’s top Salesforce partners by the time it was acquired by Accenture in 2015.

So what’s the seer of Salesforce up to now? He and Struthers have founded another CRM technology partner company, called Barhead. But this time the CRM effort is focused completely on Microsoft Dynamics 365—which Orrock says is today’s Next Big Thing.

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