International Women’s Day 2018 #PressforProgress Interview with Amreeta Abbott


Continuing our series of interviews with impactful women for International Women’s Day, Dyean Moodley spoke to Amreeta Abbott about her passion and determination to succeed.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 40 something CEO and founder of NowInfinity. I travel up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia during the week and return to the Gold Coast on weekends to catch up with loved ones and repack for the following week.

I’m a fanatic lover of travel flying to the North & South Poles and everywhere in-between. Above all, I’m extremely passionate about resolving pain points within businesses through the use of technology and love seeing businesses, my team and family thrive as a result of this.

2. Tell us about your current business?

NowInfinity is one of Australia’s leading legal documentation, corporate compliance and Trust management cloud based platforms. Soon to be the leading cloud based Estate Planning solution for advisers.

We have transformed processes that once took days, into a simple 30 second deliverable which also feeds data to other platforms to save users time working between their preferred solutions.

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