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Future Now Ventures is a boutique VC firm focusing on startups and fast growth companies developing cloud, mobile and enterprise technologies and services. We are a diverse group of technology and investment practitioners and entrepreneurs who are driven by the success of our projects.

There's something addictive about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and visions

A little bit about how we work

Hands on, hands off

Future Now Ventures is able to work with invested companies and partners to varying degrees depending on what needs each opportunity has. We look for ways to maximize our network to the benefit of everyone in our ecosystem, so whether we are hands on with your venture (e.g. operations, board positions, incubation support) or acting purely in an advisory capacity, we will be an active participant in successful outcomes.

Horizontal + vertical

Our background, experience and networks lead us into nearly all corners of the technology and industry landscape. We are interested in engaging in opportunities that are both vertically focused on particular segments or on a particularly piece of technology, and horizontally focused to provide platform capabilities across multiple industries. And of course, we like to see where we can cross-pollinate to create some really interesting possibilities for future growth.

Living in the future

Our technical strong suits are based around cloud - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, mobile, social media and eCommerce. More often than not we're involved with ventures that are a hybrid of any number of these, or that could be in the future. One of the benefits of having both a diverse and deep pool of expertise is that we live in the future, but we know how we can bring that into the present.


Future Now Ventures isn't limited to one particular geographic region. We have focal points across the globe, particularly in Asia, the US and Australia. However we also have a focus on ventures that have a global audience and market, so no matter where it is that they begin, we want to see them playing on the world stage from the start.



Envisioning a significantly more efficient media trading industry, Advvy is building a cloud-based single platform to trade media campaigns and streamline the entire media buying process including planning and trading inventory.


Strategic planning, BPO services across SEO, Social Media Command Center and consulting services are AF Digital's specialties as a key regional reseller and consulting partner for Salesforce's Radian6 social platform. With their help, clients can navigate and realize the value of the expanding landscape of social media technologies.


Successfully exiting their last venture, Pinoy Auto Trader, to in 2013, AutoDeal brings motor vehicle dealers closer to their customers by providing tangible sales leads and marketing data through their lead management and marketing analytics platform.


Recognized as the Microsoft Philippines Country Partner of the Year in 2014, Barhead delivers Microsoft cloud services across every market segment, enterprise and SMBs in the Philippines and today has achieved the highest number of seats and customers.

Having a client base of cross industry mixed with global SME's and enterprise firms, BillingPlatform has enabled countless firms to sell their products & services the way they want to today and in the future with the use of a fully-featured, high-volume, configurable billing information system for companies of all sizes in any industry across the globe, offered in the cloud.


Booky is a mobile food app available on iOS and Android that provides a phonebook of over 13,000 Philippine-based restaurants accessible offline. In addition, users can enjoy free discounts or desserts to any Booky partner restaurants when they book a table via SMS.


Aiming to revolutionize the recruitment in IT industry, CloudSwyft offers an enterprise grade IT Labs-as-a-Service platform that allows companies to create an on-demand virtual environments for IT recruitment assessments as well as for IT training and development.


Labeling itself as the Airbnb for office spaces, FlySpaces offers a digital marketing platform for short-term work, meeting space and commercial spaces for startups, SMEs and mobile professionals. It recently launched in Philippines last October 2015 and went live in Singapore in December of same year.


hammerjack offers intelligent solutions that gets business on the right track to growth and transformation. Business solution offerings include customer service, sales support, finance and accounting, technical support, digital transformation, administrative, automation, reporting and business application.


Itemhound is an IT startup that provides RFID hardware and IT backend mainly for running, marathons and motor racing events. It also offers customized RFID solutions ranging from fixed asset tracking to customer relationship management.


Addressing the global mobile workforce safety issues, JESI is a journey management SaaS application that automates an alert to emergency contacts if a traveler is unable to reach his/her destination. JESI is perfect for constant travelers like resource workers, construction teams and mobile health workers. It operates across 16 countries with offices in USA and Australia.


JoomaJam is an educational tool designed for children with ages ranging from three to seven, covering lessons about colors, saving money, making friends, and more. With activity package combining music, videos and games that comes in two languages (English and Tagalog), it offers a fun and exciting way for kids to learn.


Kalibrr is a cloud-based, adaptive talent management and assessment platform that helps companies pre-qualify candidates for specific jobs and requisites is a Philippine-based online platform that connects borrowers to multiple financing institutions thru a single loan application. Aiming to disrupt the local lending industry, ensures that borrowers will gain access to competitive loans thru algorithms and hands-on concierge services in the form of loan advisors and on the other hand, provide lenders with market trends and consumer insights.


My-Checkpoints provides an employee engagement and rewards platform thru various visualizations, casual games and collaboration tools to increase productivity and make work more fun for the highly competitive Philippine BPO industry.


NowInfinity is a simple and easy-to-use document generation and lodgement platform used by financial professionals such as accountants, financial planners and SMSF specialists. The core of NowInfinity is their powerful document generation engine where subscribers can choose from over 40 best-of-breed documents. is an online recruitment platform that enables businesses to attract high quality candidates, connect with them instantly, and hire the best fit for their companies. 


Reekoh, is an IoT Application Integration Platform and developer ecosystem that connects devices and sensors to gateways, enterprise cloud platforms, tools and services. Its main value driver, Plugin Store allows developers to publish and even monetize their custom plugin.


Salarium is a cloud-based SaaS providing enterprise solutions for small and large businesses. They offer intelligent payroll systems with a full suite of features and modules which include SAL Time, SAL Payroll, SAL Pay and Employee Self-Service.

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting)

In response to the lack of access to electricity and safe lighting in the underprivileged regions in the Philippines, SALt develops an alternative lighting system – LED lamps that are powered by salt water which can run up to 8 hours on one glass of salt water. It also has a USB slot that can also be used for charging mobile phones but it may only perform one function at a time.

Shirtly is an e-commerce and manufacturing company that lets people monetise their communities risk-free and hassle-free. Through their platform, users can create an online store and earn, while Shirtly takes in charge of their store's end-to-end process - from printing to delivery of every order.


Terabooks offers transaction services, business formation, bookkeeping, tax return preparation and implements ERP for start-ups and SME businesses.



CEO, Principal Investor
& Advisor

John is an entrepreneur with global experience in developed and emerging markets, playing a key advisory and investment role in startups as well as enterprise growth and diversification planning. Highly regarded for driving offshore delivery and regional business development for high-growth companies, as well as identifying IP, talent and market opportunities in early-stage ventures.


Advisor, Innovation

Dale is a creative digital technologist and business innovator with a long history in startups, IP creation, incubation and product development. He advises and helps early stage and venture companies deliver great products for their customers, and assists with positioning them to build their overall enterprise value.